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Teen Hitchhikers Video Clips: Ria

Ria from Teen HitchhikersTeen Hitchhikers found this sexy little number just sitting on a park bench thumbing for a ride. Ria looked hot as hell sitting there in her pink dress soaking in the midday sun. Ria told the Teen Hitchhikers crew that she was looking to catch a ride to the airport. The guys told Ria that nobody rides for free and she replied that she was down with whatever. So here we have a gorgeous barely legal brunette that isn’t shy about giving up the pussy. What a great combination. Right away, Ria started undressing in the back seat of the Teen Hitchhikers cruiser. Lovers of perky natural tits with pierced nipples are in for a treat, they don’t come much nicer than Ria’s. Ria went right to town sucking dick in the back of the Teen Hitchhikers cruiser. As it turns out, she’s quite the cock fiend and no stranger to having a cock in her mouth. This pickup was working out so well the guys decided to make a detour to the Teen Hitchhikers headquarters before hitting the airport.

Ria continued her cock loving ways by dishing out even more oral affection on the two person swing. She wasn’t going to be happy until she got a little sexual satisfaction of her own. Ria took off her bikini panties and planted her ass firmly on his hard cock. Ria has a very sweet pussy that she keeps cleanly shaved and her labia is pierced with a silver stud right next to her clit. Ria loved having that big hard cock in her pussy and she bounced her ass up and down on it with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader. Ria didn’t want to stop at just riding his cock, she wanted it doggy style too. The Teen Hitchhikers stud fucked Ria from behind and even nailed her in the missionary position before blowing a huge load of cum on her face. This is one of the hottest recent Teen Hitchhikers updates. Ria has a perfect barely legal body and she simply loves to fuck. Check out a few Teen Hitchhikers video clips from Ria’s episode below. The video clips are reduced in size and clarity from the full length video which can be downloaded from the Teen Hitchhikers member’s area.

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