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Girls Hunting Girls Video Clips: Keeani, Ria and Misty

Girls Hunting Girls - Misty, Ria and KeeaniThis week brings us another hot barely legal lesbian threesome video courtesy of Girls Hunting Girls. Keeani and Ria were cruising around in the van. Their mission, should they choose to accept it (they had no choice really), was to hunt down a hot girl and seduce her into having sex on camera. Easier said than done but these girls had a couple things working in their favor. Keeani is a short and sexy Hawaain babe and Ria is a tall and slender sexy brunette. No matter what what a girl’s sexual preference, it would be hard to turn Keeani and Ria down. The girls weren’t out cruising for long when they spotted their first prospect. A tall sexy blonde in a sun dress walking down the sidewalk. The dress was low cut on top and didn’t go down much past her ass so the Keeani and Ria got a good look before they stopped to talk to her. They pulled the van over to see if this hotty would be up for spending the afternoon together. It’s no secret that the way to a girl’s panties is through the mall so Keeani and Ria used the shopping approach. Misty said she was new in town and hadn’t been to the mall yet and wnated to check it out. She hopped in the van and off they went.

On the way to the mall, Misty confessed to the girls that she’s bisexual. This Girls Hunting Girls challenge just got a whole lot easier. Ria wasted no time fondling Misty’s tits in the back seat and what a pair of tits she has. The word “perfect” comes to mind. Keeani was driving and she spent more time looking in the rear view mirror than she did looking at the road. For safety reasons, tt was time to scrap the whole mall idea and head back to the Girls Hunting Girls hangout. When the girls got back to the house, they headed straight for the couch. The clothes came off and an incredible barely legal threesome fuckfest ensued. Keeani and Misty were making out while Ria had her tongue shoved in Misty’s shaved pussy. The three of them went on like this for a while, taking turns having their pussies licked, their tits sucked and shoving their tongues down each other’s throats. This Girls Hunting Girls challenge turned out to be a complete success and Misty had no regrets after spending the day with her new friends. The video for this update is approximately forty-four minutes long and is available exclusively in the Girls Hunting Girls members area. This update also contains a pictorial with over two hundred high quality photos of this hot barely legal lesbian threesome. You’ll find a link to some Girls Hunting Girls video clips from this episode below along with a link to the homepage where you can download the trailer. Be sure to choose your connection speed on the video trailer page so that the movie loads.

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