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Euro Bride Tryouts Preview: Nataly

Veronica from Euro Bride TryoutsWith the Euro pussy that Ram’s been hooking up with lately, he should do a late night infomercial. “Place small ads in newspapers and watch all the hot pussy beat a path to your door”. That’s a concept I can get behind. One of his latest Euro Bride Tryouts was Nataly. She’s your typical picture perfect Eurobabe looking to fuck her way to America. Nataly showed up and Ram’s in a pink dress that was just barely covering her tits. Obviously Ram’s first impression was very good but the true test was yet to come. Naturally this girl barely speaks a word of English but hand signals are all that’s generally needed for a Euro Bride Tryouts interview. Ram was running Nataly through the household appliances part of the interview but he couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits. Her cleavage was so impressive it was almost impossible not to stare. Nataly obviously knew her way around the kitchen so Ram decided to bring out the veil. Nataly took this as a sign that she was going to be ?the one? and let down her guard a bit. Ram explained to her in not so many words what the final part of the interview was all about. Although reluctant at first, Nataly was willing to do whatever it took to get her ticket to the promised land. Nataly started off by licking the head of Ram’s cock then she went on to deep throating him. She took off the top of her dress and her incredible tits were revealed for the first time. Nataly has some absolutely beautiful large pink nipples. She squeezed her tits around Ram’s hard cock and titty fucked the hell out of him. Nataly was on a mission to please. Ram returned the oral favors by licking Nataly’s pussy before he started slamming it with his hard cock. Ram propped her incredible ass up in the air and gave her the cock doggy style. Nataly loves to be on top and Ram was happy to accommodate her. She really got off bouncing her sweet ass up and down on his hard cock, letting out moans every time that bone was buried deep inside her pussy. Ram boned Nataly on the couch for the rest of this episode and then busted a huge load on her face. Ram got another fine piece of ass and Nataly got a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” send-off. Nataly’s Euro Bride Tryouts video is 36 minutes long and her update comes with over 100 high quality photos. Nataly’s Euro Bride Tryouts gallery preview and video trailer can be found at the links below. Au revoir!

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