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Big Sausage Pizza Videos: Melissa

This weeks update features an unsolicited Big Sausage Pizza delivery to Melissa. When the Big Sausage Pizza guys showed up, Melissa claimed she never ordered any pizza. That didn’t keep the guys from getting their foot in the door, though. Melissa thought maybe someone else had ordered it for the party she was having that night and she felt obliged to pay for it. She couldn’t find her wallet and she asked the guys what kind of pizza it was. When they flipped the top of the pizza box and Melissa saw that big sausage poking through pizza, her response was “Oh my god! Are you fucking kidding me?” :lol: Nope, they’re not kidding! Once the initial shock wore off, Melissa was all over that big sausage. She started sucking on that big suasage while it was still poking through the pizza box. Melissa has some amazing tits and she put those to good use as well, playing hide the sausage by way titty fucking the big sausage pizza stud. Then Melissa got her pussy licked and it was driving her crazy. She couldn’t wait to have that big sausage in her pussy and Christian fucked her right there on the stairway. It appears that the Big Sausage Pizza guys had discovered quite the sausage loving slut. Melissa kept screaming “fuck me, fuck me” the whole time she was getting pounded by that big sausage. She eventually got a nice load in the face to conclude this Big Sausage Pizza episode. The full length movie for this episode runs for 45 minutes and there’s 197 photos in the members area. Melissa is hotter than hell and one of the finer babes I’ve seen in a while. Fans of sexy brunette vixens won’t be disappointed. Links to four Big Sasuage Pizza video clips and Melissa’s video trailer can be found below. Buon giorno!

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